Tubeamp Project Silvercore 833 C

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Produktbilder der Firma Silvercore



A project with a particular Tube! The product description of the company Silvercore says it all, so here's a quote:

"The 833c is a large transmitting tube to transmit power up to 1800W. Audio Amplifiers with 150W in the SE-operation have already been realized, the effort can pay WAVAC but with a sale price according to a family home. I thought with the amplifier to a more affordable object of desire.
„kiss“ as the Americans say, „keep it simple and smile“

We content ourselves with a little less power, the tube should be cut out so rich 300B 20W realize an amplifier of the loose and doing good apart from the mainstream.
The use of current Chinese production come from 833c tubes are constructed so easy and enjoyable inexpensive despite excellent quality. When I use the Vorröhren matched EL34 in the "long plate " version, which give the sound and force structure.
Speaking of power. The output transformer is sufficiently dimensioned so that the speaker into the bass range, the full power available.
The sound is loose and light, the trust is not the large tubes so that one play loosely 300B, which must be heard.
And that is joined by a powerful bass, the 300B can also not known. This plays a large tube. Kiddie's somewhere else."

(c) Dipl.Ing.Christof Kraus


Here is a short documentation to the development stage



The main character, the transmitter tube 833C, here in size compared to a ECC 83



Here are the power transformers, transformers and inductors can be seen.



Here are the items packed in groups.





Interior view of the housing




Assembly of the feet and the RCA and XLR audio inputs



Installation of the power supply board



Installation of the driver stage with silver transformer



Interior view




Preparing the socket for the 833C




Assembled power amplifier



First check of the heating voltage supply


and test run



The ready amp!



Bonding of the glass cubes



The result!


  Here some impressions!  




  More informations: Slivercore